Sunday, August 7, 2011

Seeing Blue

It's been a while since I've crossed something off! I've been working on several things - Chinese classes are going very well, next week we will learn all of the food terms and go out to Panda Garden for dinner and practice. The compost worms were ordered but didn't get sent, so after a call to customer service at Uncle Jim's Worm Farm those little wrigglers should be on their way, soon!

Nicholas is working the summer on the blueberry farm of my friends Dewey and Danner (the same friends who donated their house to us for the formal dinner for hospice.) I requested they save some of the scrap berries that would otherwise get thrown away, so I brought home a 5 gallon bucket of wild blueberries (full of leaves and stems even after going through the sorter which is why they get tossed). Robb and I processed all of them to 2 gallons of pulp and juice using our Kitchenaid Fruit strainer attachment, in very short order! 2 quarts went into a double batch of blueberry jam that I will pray sets up properly, and another 5 quarts will go to the wine-making goal! Pretty awesome for a bucket of berries that was going to get thrown away!

So I went down to the brewing store around the corner:

Bryan was so helpful, looked over my recipe I'd researched this morning and said it looked like a good one, and proceeded to use the instructions as my shopping list - they had every single thing I needed! Also got all the components I needed - hydrometer, syphon, airlock, etc... and will buy my buckets tonight at Walmart. After we run Nick back to Blue Hill my first wine-making venture will be underway!


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