Saturday, June 25, 2011

The last two weeks have been pretty busy! In addition to Bob and Martha (Robb's parents) visiting, I've been working on a number of my goals.

Foremost is the Chinese class, which is such a challenge! They teach in full immersion, so once they teach you a word in Chinese, they never say it again in English. It is such a challenge to my American ear!! Bo Hao!

I ordered my worms for the compost bin from I would like to build that next weekend in a stackable drawer system like this one. It will hold a lot of worms, and is much cheaper than the bins you buy already made. It will have 4 drawers for worms and one drawer for worm juice. Sounds weird, but I'm totally stoked!!

I started running again to train for the 5k that I will run at some point, and ordered the application for a CSA just a mile from my work.

I visted a local museum (Goal Met! 6/16/11) and learned about the history of The Great Fire of 1911 that burned half of Bangor.

and I started taking pictures for my Extraordinary Shots of Ordinary Things album. Here are some preliminaries...

Light in my hallway

New summer hat

All in all, it's been a great couple of weeks!

One week from today Jennifer will be here ... maybe she can help me build my new worm condo!!

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